Nudity Shirt

Nudity shirt

Fully covered or still nude?
The nipple shirt plays between the fine lines of dressed and undressed.
Using Felted nipples as props for creating a reaction in the viewer.

Focus on the revealing.
Focus on the movement.
Focus on the intent.
Focus on the flesh.

Hand felted nipples

Nude Modeling poem projected on nude model

I look down to my feet
Black, Dark and Dirty
I place them on the covers
Trying not to mark them too much
Finding a comfortable posture
To get absorbed in
To float away in
I feel the heat prickling my back
So warm, so soothing
I place my head on the pillows
No blankets to cover me
I feel comfortable
Almost ready to drift away
Then I remember
All those chairs
Tables, pages and pencils
That panel staring
Searching, Studying me as I lie here
I am their object, Their research
They examine my every curve
Naked flesh is what they see
Here in front of them
I am a naked stranger
Even so, I am all nudes they have ever perceived I am no different than Venus, David or Eve
I bare it all for them, To see a version of myself transpire on paper
A immortal image
A body of me, A body of us all

Nude Modelling – Poem Projected on semi nude model.

Stitching in poetry

Stitching in Poetry
A embroidered photo series of snapshots from a video installation where I slowly undressed whilst recited poems I wrote about undressing and nudity. The difference between posture and posing, loose hair or tied up. With each new stitch I placed on the photographs of my naked body I was redressing myself in a thoughtful and long process. Confronting myself in the aim to discover the
borderline between naked and nude. Where lies the lines between naked and covered? Personal
and un-personal?

Undress me
Layer by layer
Little piles fall to the floor
The elements I choose
Choose as my image
My form
A form in which I showcase myself
To the outside
Another piece drops
Shed, Shed
Shed it all
Uncovering more and more
But, am I truly revealing myself?
Or only exhibiting a different form?
Do you feel closer to me?
With every increasing inch of bare skin
Showing you what lies beneath
Yet, not within.

Shedding these things
These clothes that have become part of me
Have we truly merged?
Are we now one?
Yet I feel more free
Free away from you
As I stand here
With nothing to cover me
This is what I am
A body
A body of flesh
I can feel every sensation
Tingling on my flesh
More heightened
More alive, more real
I do not feel the need to conceal
Concealing what we all share.