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Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Johannesburg, South Africa




Anneke Bosch, a South African-born textile artist now residing in the Netherlands creates artworks from a profound place of vulnerability. With each piece she makes, she invests her heart and soul, resulting in artworks that serves as tender reflections of her inner self.

Nature and the human experience serve as Bosch’s primary inspiration. She delves into the raw essence of humanity, exploring the complexities and emotions inherent in our daily lives. Through her art, she shares personal experiences and moments of solitude, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between nature and the human spirit.

Bosch’s work is a testament to observation and storytelling. She poses intricate questions to both herself and her audience, weaving subtle narratives that explore the coexistence of the physical world and the inner psyche. Her pieces delve into the complexities of life in all its forms, inviting viewers to contemplate their own existence.

Colour and texture are at the core of Bosch’s work, striving for harmony in every piece. She finds beauty in the way colours intermingle in nature, a recurring theme that she weaves into her textiles. Tactility is paramount, inviting touch and engagement with every fiber.

Text and poetry are also integral to Bosch’s artistic expression. They serve as a medium to translate and reflect upon the ongoing conversation between her textiles, the written word, and introspection. Through this trinity, Bosch’s work becomes a mirror, reflecting the dialogue of self-reflection and the world around us.

Anneke Bosch employs slow art forms such as weaving and embroidery as a form of meditation during her creative process. Each stitch and weave becomes a moment of introspection, allowing her to deeply reflect on the subject matter at hand. This deliberate approach to creation serves as a method of self-reflection, as she contemplates the intricate details of each individual work. Through the rhythmic repetition of her chosen techniques, Anneke immerses herself in a meditative state, fostering a profound connection between herself, her art, and the themes she explores. In this way, her artistic practice becomes a journey of self-discovery, intertwining the process of creation with the act of personal reflection.

In essence, Anneke Bosch’s art is a testament to vulnerability, observation, and nature —a captivating exploration of the human experience and the natural world.




Anne van Midden Floral Education – Floristry course

2020 – 2023 • 

Gerrit Rietveld Academy – TXT Text and Textile – Bachelors Degree

2012 – 2016 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tshwane University of Technology – Textile Design and Technology – National Diploma

2009 – 2011 • Pretoria, South Africa





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Eigen Huis & Tuin; Lekker Leven Episode 117

Art exchange with Nicole Schyns


Bloemen van Hoop | Flowerart Museum | Aalsmeer, Netherlands


FynBosch Design collection | Van de Maker | Tilburg, Nederland


Fiber & Flora Weaves | Manifacto Amsterdam


Collective, Saadjies | Cool Capital, Richmond – MAP (Modern Art Project) & Aardklop | South Africa


Group, Graduation Show | Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Amsterdam, Netherlands


Group Collection   Standard Incomparable | Ellen Lesperance, Helen Mirra, Traversing | Armory Center for the Arts | California, United States of America


I CONTEST-PRINT IT! |Textiel Museum | Tilburg, Netherlands



Textiel Plus; Magazine 264 | 2023

Eigen Huis & Tuin; Lekker Leven (Aflevering 117) | 2022

Het nieuwe Meerbode, Uithoorn | 2022

Het verrukkelijke Jan Winter Boek | 2021

Libelle nr 40 | 2019

Adriane at Home | 2019

Ik Woon Fijn | 2018

Cool Capital, Guerrilla Design Magazine | 2017




Bosch has a affordable organic design range called FynBosch Design. 


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Bosch has also recently started working with sustainable garden inspired flower design & natural floral art installations.


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