Uit Liefde & Rou


Bosch made this minimalist natural weave for her grandmother when her grandfather passed away. With an old Protea, which her grandfather gave to his wife in a bouquet long ago.​​​​​​​​
The title of the work is Afrikaans, Bosch’s native language. The weave is like a memory of her grandfather, a personal piece of art on her grandmother’s empty wall. Made from ‘love and grief’: a consolation of a granddaughter, which visualizes the connection between the bereaved strengthened by the loss of a dear family member.​​​​​​​​
Bosch carefully wove the work and the dried flowers by hand on a loom with natural threads, which she obtained second-hand. Her materials come from the earth and can go back into the earth, just as her grandfather’s physical body has returned to earth.​​​​​​​​


Part of the top 10 of TextielPlusFestival 2022 – Recycle, Ode to nature competition

’n Kunstwerk om die lee mure mee op te vul,

’n Kunswerk om Ouma aan haar geliefde te herinner,

’n Kunswerk van ‘n kleindogter uit troos ontstaan,

’n Kunswerk wat ons deur tyd verbind,

’n Kunswerk wat ons uit rou nader bring.