Woven in Words


Bosch started this project as aim to translate the poems from Undressing Innocence to a more physical form. The four poems connected to the theme of nudity; Shedding, Undressing, Nude modelling and Naked as we came.

These liberating poems were meant to be experienced and felt close to oneself. Bosch wanted to keep close to the physical body and so decided to make the words into scarves. It was important to weave the scarves, as Bosch weaves with her words. Each word and notion closely connected and intertwined to the next. Bosch decided to make more than one version seeing that each person interprets texts, ideas and emotions differently. Making a loosely hand felted wool scarf evoking the warm and comforting sensation of flesh. A fragile transparent silk to show that thoughts and feelings are translucent and delicate just as the subject matter itself and also a dense white cotton scarf to resemble the flow of words on paper and the strength it can represent.


Three woven scarf’s.
One cotton, one felt, one silk.
Each scarf has the exact same wording and layout.
Black printed words on white material.
The texts are poems about nudity.

Tightly woven together,
One up
One down.
but the same.