Composure Carpet


All of us are in constant search or need of safety and security. Especially in the environments we daily find ourselves in. We want physical comfort as well as psychological safety.

In pursuit of discovering how I could achieve a comforting and calming space for myself I came to the conclusion to make a Composure Carpet. A obtainable object and space where I could regain my confidence and state of mind to continue with my daily duties of life.

By weaving a double layered carpet, I created a setting where you could simultaneously still be present and be submerged in a person- al safe space. The double layer of the car- pet can function as a blanket, cover or compartment to hide under and in-between.


With soft copper reinforcing inside the woven wool I can create the possibility to the bend the from of the carpet from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional. Making it possible to erect a dome like structure.

Safe Spots

A mere change of colour or texture on my carpet could also be enough to create a “safe spot” for composure. Possible variations such as slits, pockets or circles.